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Blake is a laid-back, Laguna Beach inspired Showit website & blog for content creators, personal brands, & creative entrepreneurs. . Perfect for those who would like their online space to feel relaxed, effortless, and chic. 

why showit? 

drag & drop design, 100% customizable, and actually easy to use 

No, we're not just saying that. Showit really is incredible. Check out some more of our fav features:

side by side 
mobile editing

no coding

wordpress integration 


See how your site looks on mobile before publishing for the best user experience 

Seriously! No need to be a tech wiz. + I leave you with training videos with your purchase

Showit partners w/ Wordpress to give you the most SEO friendly blogging platform

The Showit team is helpful, incredibly responsive, & will never leave you hanging


how it works

Choose your template

Choose your fav site, & purchase your LCM x Showit website template. We'll send you a code to start customizing your site instantly. 


step 2


Watch the LCM x Showit video tutorials + start customizing to your heart's content. No design skills or coding needed. Change as little or as much as you want! 


step 3

Launch your dream site

Share your brand, your portfolio, & your unique vision with the world. It's time to step into a new chapter, & start reaching your goals and full potential. 

frequently asked questions 

what happens after I purchase a template? 
After your purchase, you'll get access to everything you need to get started. Once you've created your showit account, you'll be prompted to upload a new design using a code, which you'll receive with your purchase. Et voila! The code will upload your new template into your account!

what is showit? 
Literally the best website platform on earth. Think drag and drop design capabilities of your dreams, amazing chat support, and to top it off, it's actually easy to use. You will be a pro by the time you watch my training videos, and if you want more guidance, we haven't even start with Showit's robust training library. 
how does blogging with wordpress work? 
Showit and Wordpress are basically partners- the showit team will set up your blog and then you'll write your posts on wordpress.  Once you've published your blog posts in Wordpress, it will automatically update your blog on your website. Click here for more info!
can I keep my old blog?
Yes! The showit team will migrate your posts for you if your old site was on either Squarespace or Wordpress. Read more about that here.  If you used a different platform, there are so many ways to upload your previous content- most often through plugins!
what if I want help customizing my template?
That's what I'm here for! I would love nothing more! Check out my service page here to learn more about my website in a day or bespoke template services
what's your return policy? 
Because these are digital products, there's simply no way to do a "return". Due to the nature of the templates, there are no refunds / returns / exchanges.  If you have any questions about the templates and you can't find the answer on faq or product page, feel free to reach out via email!
how do I receive my download? (shipping policy)
 After making your purchase, you will be redirected to a page that includes your unique code, which you will upload into Showit to begin editing. Because the templates are a digital product, you will immediately have access after purchase, no shipping or waiting required.

Creating unique brands that people lean into.

Specializing in original design and refined strategy for brands in beauty & wellness services. We help imaginative entrepreneurs harness the power of branding to convert clients into super fans, and establish their brand as the foremost expert in their space. Get ready to stop being “one of many”, and start actually standing out, establishing trust as a luxury service, and booking out your services effortlessly. 

why yes, I do have a newsletter 

But it's fun, I promise.  it's not like the other newsletters. 

Okay it might be, but you'll also get access to template shop discounts, branding tips, studio news, & musings on all things design & social media. A deal if you ask me!

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return policy:
 Due to the nature of the templates, there are no refunds / returns / exchanges.

shipping policy:
templates are a digital product & you'll immediately get digital access after purchase.