design enthusiast, queen of branding people based on their aesthetic, aspiring influencer (lol)

about me 

So, just to start off with, I’m going to give you some personal stuff- because I know there’s a bazillion amazing, incredible, talented designers out there, and you’re on my site deciding whether you like me, so let’s share. I'll start. 


I’m a foodie- I def spend the vast majority of my money trying new restaurants, ordering sushi on a tuesday, trying the boba place down the street, or stopping by my fav ice cream place that serves the most amazing strawberry balsamic flavor. 

I’m an astrology lover- I know, it’s divisive. But I’m a gemini sun, cancer rising, and virgo moon, so no gemini slander will be tolerated!

Hi, I'm Lydia!

I’m an introvert- I often get told by friends that when we met, they thought I was intimidating because I was only talking to my sister and I had RBF (resting b!tch face, if you know you know). But the truth is, I was 100% probably overthinking everything, experiencing a slight bit of social anxiety, and wondering if there was a dog I could play with.

I'm also a shopping addict, an aspiring California resident, a chronic reader (basically all rom coms), and lover of fashion tiktok. 

I’m also someone who LOVES influencer culture, and now that I get to design for so many content creators, it’s only gotten worse. So if you find my personal tiktok and you see OOTD videos or aspiring influencer content, mind your business. Or follow me. Lol. 

Have I overshared enough now? I told you I’m a gemini!!

& if that wasn't enough personal info:

let’s say you’re a service provider and you’ve outgrown your old website & branding. Maybe you DIYed it, and now that you’ve been in business for a couple years, you’re ready to take the next step and show up as an expert in your space so you can hit your next income goals, and grow your brand potential. 

if this is you: then I'm your girl

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. 

Or maybe you’re a content creator, and you’re desperately wanting to stand out in the sea of influencers. You want to showcase your previous work, and have dream brands reaching out to work with you, but you’re not sure how to position yourself as the one to work with, or charge your worth. 

Maybe you’re a small business owner and you’ve tried working with website templates, but they’ve all looked cookie cutter, bland, and they sure as hell don’t convert. You’re ready to show off what makes your brand unique, and you want a website that gets people’s heads turning, & does your brand justice. 




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