i am 100% for the girls. 

one thing about me? 

I have such a soft spot for women building businesses that can support them, whether that includes going for midday workout classes, or popping over to whole foods before picking up their kids from school. 

(or both)

I’m a firm believer that your business should support your life and fit into it flexibly,

and not the other way around. 

Grinding all day and feeling like the whole “growing your brand + attracting your dream clients” thing is stealing all of your joy and giving you premature wrinkles is not the vibe. 

a little about me: 

But before I get on my soapbox further,

I’m an aspiring southern California resident (currently manifesting a sunny cottage in Orange County), I read 3 books a week on average (mostly spicy, sometimes business-y), I love Taylor Swift with my whole heart (and will hear no slander on that subject!!), I consider myself a wellness girlie (but love an occasional margarita, sue me), and love all things woo woo + astrology (majorly unfortch for you, but if that’s not your vibe, I WILL still ask if you know your sun moon + rising)

When I’m not being a sustainable business apologist, I’m usually reading a fantasy romance book on my kindle, trying a new “easy 30 minute protein packed hormone balancing” dinner recipe for my family, sending a 9 minute voice memo to a bestie (could also be a client who is my new bestie), or going for one of my 3 hot girl walks per day. 

My desk is filled with my manifestation journal (HUGE To Be Magnetic fan over here), a crispy diet coke, no less than 3 headphone varieties (airpods for coffee shop working, over the ear for walks, corded for zoom calls), and a super fancy ipad pro I use exclusively for pinning outfit inspo, cocktail recipes, and occasionally doodling cute illustrations for my clients. 

And here's the deal:

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t become an entrepreneur to do more. I started my business because I wanted to build a career on my own terms, I wanted to have more flexibility in my schedule to work from wherever, I wanted to spend more time with my family, and I wanted to help other women build brands that are not only stunningly well designed (winky face), but are also growing sustainably, filled with consistency and security, and known deeply by their communities as the leader they are. 

I know what it’s like to spend hours scrolling instagram, looking at other people in your industry who are killing it on social media, living the life that you’re dreaming of living, and it feels like there’s just something not clicking for your business, something that’s keeping you on the rollercoaster of trying to attract clients, booking them, being so busy for 3 months, and then hopping back on the same cycle. 

I know what it’s like to feel like trying to figure out where the disconnect is in your business is sapping all of your energy, worrying that it’s just something about you that’s making growing your brand so difficult, and wondering how you could possibly have time to do more things to move the needle, when you’re already so busy as it is. 

So if you’re stuck in the first part of that story:

Scrolling your competitors for “inspo”, wondering what kind of social media miracle it would take to make consistent clients submit your inquiry forms, and overwhelmed with trying to stand out and be known as the expert you are, 

Let me tell you (from personal experience) there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Building a brand with legacy, that draws our aligned community and clients in like moths to a flame ISN’T rocket science (no miracles here either!). 

When I started rediscovering my unique value, and developing a strategy for my for my online presence that was rooted in my brand identity, 

I’ve always loved brand design, but realizing that a holistic, personal brand identity, from the visual design to the social media presence was the missing link in building a brand with impact? I’ve literally never looked back. 

 It quite literally changed everything for me. 

My Services

the online component

Social Media Strategy

I help you strategize an approach to your online presence that gets you off the rollercoaster of content creation, and into a personal + unique social media presence that speaks to your ideal clients’ desires, books out your 1:1 services, and cultivates a community built on relationships + aligned interests 

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the web strategy

Website Design

Using your brand identity as an aligned foundation, I build holistic websites that strategically position your business as the expert your dream clients are looking for, by clarifying your unique value and effectively communicating your service offerings 

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the visual strategy

Brand Design

I design brands that not only feel authentic and true-to-you, but also seamlessly attracts your dream clients, and communicates your vibe + the value of your services

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